The Maths & Science Stand-up Competition(MaSciCo)

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The MaSciCo event was created to make Maths and Science more enjoyable and to be become an annual competition where two students will face each other working out Maths and Science problems placed before them until one victor is left standing. The competition happens before the judges and audience. The problems placed before them will be timed and all the work will be projected on a wall where the judges and audience can see what the contestant is writing. The winner will receive a price and all students from around the country are welcome to join as long they are enrolled in a school or FET registered with the department of education SA.


Services Overview


We run a Maths ands Science awareness campaign that aims at rising the bar of excellence in these two subjects and be the best country in Africa and the world.


We assist the all students in Mathematics and Physical science. Help them to manage theirs studies in general in order to get maximum points in their tests and exams.


Any student enrolled at any acknowledge school in the country can register with the MaSciCo, be it FET they will all compete according to their levels.


Above being participants of the competition, we also advice the students to plan their life accordingly, develop a working vision in their lives.

Study Material

We provide study materials to the students such as Past Exam papers and memos, Study Topics and etc.


Students are assigned their competitions coaches and these coaches continues to guide and mentor them throughout the course of their studies.


The Competition

All the Maths and Science drama.

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Maths and Science Week

The campaign week.

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Our working partners and sponsors.

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MaSciCo Team


Mr King Magwalivha is the founder of the Maths and Science Stand-up Competition(MaSciCo). This project was founded based on the importance of facilitating the art of Maths and Science amongst our academic generation. Maths and Science are the very fundamental, mentally and develops a creative mind.

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