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  • Welcome to Our Studio!

    Crystallife Design House (CDH) is a full design house with different design offices. The art of design is the same but perfected in different ways. We brought this design offices together because they complement each other, one office strengthens another. We do this based on the following principles:

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  • What We Can Do

    Website Designing and Branding

    We design world class websites, Company logos, business cards, bookmarks and etc. We also design normal adverts, animated adverts and magazine ads.

    Architectural Office

    We design buildings of any size and any kind. this is incorporated with the Interior Design, Town planning, Landscaping and Construction.

    Business Development

    We design business concepts and ideas, business models, business plans and create business projects secured by funding. We also develop existing business, providing proper business management structures and resources.


    we provide printing services from normal paper, banners, t-shirts and other objects like cups, vehicle branding, bill boards and Digital advertising. Digital advertising is now very effective and changing markets.

  • Privacy Policy

    we carefully adhere to the code of privacy when it comes to dealings and work between us, our clients and those who serve us, to keep our work confidential and private. Privacy is observed on work details, meeting between parties and names.

    This strengthens our relationship with our clients and strengthen our competition.

    If there be any breaking of this code by either party then that party in question must take responsibility.

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    482 Lehong Street
    Makhado, 0920

    Telephone:+27(0) 76 944 1873

  • About CDH

    The CDH's full design house saves it's clients time and money of looking and comparing better and quality services. This way CDH can innovate a particular brand of services and products that changes the whole point of Design, to a new level.

    Our Vision
    To be the leading Design house in the world that brings innovation and creativity in the design industry.

    Our Mission
    To focus on bringing new ideas and creativity in the design world by transforming Design into any industry.

    Our Objectives
    1. To working with small design houses and assist them to grow.
    2. To focus on innovating the design industry with new ideas that can help our society to develop.
    3. To be the best in every office our this company.
    4. Transform Design to communicate and relate with any industry hence develop a way to work with them.


    Mr King Magwalivha started the KF Projects in 2006 which was then an architectural design office, designing modern building and getting plans approved by the city councils. KF Projects operated mainly in Gauteng province and did few projects in Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces in that year. In 2007 King co-founded Sketch Design with Khathutshelo Ramashia which was also an architectural Design office. In 2008 KF Projects started working with Mihandzu Holdings which was a mining consulting company based in Hatfield Pretoria, KF projects was designing mine plans and creating business concepts for Mihandzu. In 2009 KF Projects started to work with Chardy and Massy which was a construction company. KF Projects handles all the architectural design work of Chardy and Massy which is now called Chardy Business Solutions. Chardy Business Solutions is based in Limpopo. With all the experience, partnerships, growth and the leadership of Mr Matthew Magwwalivha over the years KF projects now became Crystallifestyle Design House (CDH) which is now a full design and innovative house. It contains four(4) design offices which are: The Branding Office - Websites design, Logo designs, Adverts designs, The Architectural Design office - Interior Design, Town Planning, Landscaping, The Business Office - Business consulting, Marketing and Advertising, Creative business ideas and concepts in working projects, Business plan design. The printing Office - which deals with printing papers, banners, vehicle branding and bill boards. Mr Matthew heads the CDH with Mr King as the Managing Director.